Scope of Work:
Brand Design + Website Design

Type of Business:
Therapy, Private Practice

Love Applied Counseling

Branding that combines Art Deco inspiration & cultural symbolism for an affirming sex therapist

We found a way to combine all of these important parts of her personality, identity, and more! Laura’s practice name includes an important comma: Love, Applied. This comma is an intentionally inclusive punctuation mark, acknowleding how love exists in many, many forms. This inclusive, affirming comma is the foundation of her branding, building a bird that both evokes a crisp Art Deco aesthetic, while reflecting the Eternal Lovers symbol found in the Taíno culture, indigenous to the Dominican Republic. 

The Love, Applied brand design also sneaks in a fun reference to Laura’s love of steampunk imagery, placing the bird's tail in the center of interlocking gears that highlight her tagline — “Working Out Life’s Kinks.” These special touches make the branding meaningful to Laura, while making a bold statement of inclusive and affirming care for her clients.

Laura, a Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW) and relationship & sex therapist, has a strong sense of style and bold personality. She knew her brand inspirations from the jump, but wasn’t sure how to combine them into one cohesive identity. Laura loves Art Deco-inspired design and decor. She loves intense, statement-making colors. And, as a queer Latina, Laura knew she wanted her branding to incorporate her Taíno cultural heritage. 

"The way you delicately crafted my website feels like a haute couture second skin. I see myself in the website design - literally and figuratively - as well as all of my progress. It really feels tailor-made. What’s extra, extra special is how much of this design was based on your intuition. It blows me away!"

Laura J. Brito, MSW, LCSW

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