You deserve a thoughtfully-crafted brand identity that reflects the importance of the services you offer — and the unique identity, skills, and lived experience you bring to the table. 

You deserve more than a boilerplate website that reduces your work to a few bullet points.

Your work is essential.

you are a therapist. a healer. aN AFFIRMING care provider. 

Crafting brands & websites that reflect
your uniqueness. 

Brand design is so much more than a single logo. In fact, when you invest in brand design, you’ll receive several logos that complement each other, along with a color palette and several fonts to tie it all together — and those are just the basics. From your website to your intake forms, having a cohesive brand identity helps draw in your ideal clients and create a seamless experience for them.

That’s where EMARIE DESIGN comes in — turning your values, goals, and design inspiration, however unique and varied, into a brand that connects with your ideal clients.

You’re the expert on yourself, your style, and your clients. But sometimes it can be difficult to combine your expertise into one comprehensive identity that conveys your message.

Why invest in brand design?

Don't I just need a logo?

"The way you delicately crafted my website feels like a haute couture second skin. I see myself in the website design - literally and figuratively - as well as all of my progress. It really feels tailor-made. What’s extra, extra special is how much of this design was based on your intuition. It blows me away!"

Laura J. Brito, MSW, LCSW

Are you ready for a brand or website created just for you?
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I would be honored to help you help others by creating a brand design that encapsulates your essence — and respects the clients you serve.

Hi, I'm Emma Marie (she/her)! I’m a brand and website designer, helping therapists, coaches, and other holistic service providers make their visions a reality. In addition to my largely self-taught background in design, I also have a bachelor’s degree in anthropology. I love and understand the importance of the social sciences and the ways the field can be applied to make change for individuals and our culture at large.

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