Scope of Work:
Brand Design + Website Design

Type of Business:
Therapy, Private Practice


Calming, sound (and ocean) wave-inspired designs to reach virtual therapy clients in Michigan

Attunement offers virtual therapy in Michigan, with the goal of helping clients tune in to themselves in order to live their most authentic lives. Stephanie knew she wanted Attunement’s branding to embody the calming effects of nature — while standing out in the sea of other nature-based therapy branding.

To accomplish these goals, we focused on the unique meaning of her brand name “Attunement,” utilizing the visualization of sound waves produced when saying the word out loud. These waves make up the foundation of all her logo marks and create the appearance of mountains being reflected into water below. They also evoke a sense of forward movement that clients will experience through their work with Attunement. This movement comes to life on her website, too. Explore that effect on her live site here, or using the button above!

Stephanie is the founder of two businesses — Color Your Name polyamory coaching and Attunement, her private therapy practice. While both businesses are explicitly LGBTQIA+, kink, and polyamory affirming, it was important to establish distinct brand identities for both. 

"When I first saw the logos Emma designed for me and my coaching business, I knew I had come to the right person. She had taken my very limited vision and turned it into a reality. After working with her for my first logo and website, I knew I wanted her to design a second brand and website for me and my second business, when I opened my private practice. As both a coach and therapist, she was able to fully encapsulate the messages I wanted to send to potential clients. Each website she designed has an entirely different feel and captures two different parts of myself in the ways I wanted them to. I now have two thriving businesses that draw in the clients I want to work with; no other website or website design has been able to do this as fully and completely as Emma's work has. 10/10 recommend her for both her expertise and her instincts!"

Brand & Website Design:

Stephanie M. Sullivan, M.S., LMFT, CCTP-II

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