Scope of Work:
Brand Design + Website Design

Type of Business:
Therapy, Private Practice

inspired mental wellness

Dark, bold & unapologetic brand design to reach online therapy clients in Oklahoma

We found a common thread by grounding Laura’s brand direction in some of her favorite things, including the color purple. Whether you’re a young adult dealing with anxiety or a hopeful parent navigating fertility treatments, the many shades of purple reflect the feelings of grief, loss, and sadness that might bring you to therapy. In the midst of darkness, though, there’s light and hope to be found, and we capture that journey through the symbolism in her branding and the playfulness of the website, too. Laura's love of painted murals helped evoke that feeling of lightness. 

Additionally, Laura loves dahlias and frangipani flowers, which we incorporated into her branding for an even deeper meaning. Dahlias in particular symbolize a positive change in life — like the one that clients will experience by working with her. They are layered and complex, just like Laura, her clients, and you reading this right now! 

Laura’s private practice, Inspired Mental Wellness, serves a variety of clients. She supports teens and young adults dealing with mental health struggles, as well as adults of all genders experiencing infertility. Her brand design needed to capture her unique and varied therapy offerings, while also reflecting her fun and rebellious personality. 

Do you want a website that's as bold and fun as you?